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Road Racing's Biggest Secret

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Relive Record Breaking Southern 100

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You can’t judge a road race by the length of a lap - if you could the Southern 100 would be massively overshadowed by the Isle of Man’s other race.

As it is the 4.25-mile Billown Course, home to the ‘Friendly Races’, punches well above its weight, attracting top names from across the solo and sidecar racing world.

2017 saw a line-up of road racing royalty that, quite rightly, had fans in a state of great excitement even before the first wheel had turned.

Once the action got underway the crowd quickly saw huge anticipation wouldn’t lead to disappointment: Michael Dunlop, Dean Harrison, Dan Kneen the Birchall Brothers, Tim Reeves, John Holden, Dave Molyneux and many more saw to that.

When you have eight new lap records, seven race records, eight races won by less than one second and an average of just 1.5 seconds between 1st and 2nd in all solo classes, you know any action you’re going to see on this review is going to be world class.

Filmed from multiple camera points around the course, and from onboard cameras too, the 120-minute review packs in almost as much high energy, super close, competitive racing as you can handle, but be warned.

You will be left wanting more of the same: road racing this good is highly addictive! 


Featured onboard laps from Ivan Lintin, Joe Thompson, Dean Harrison, Dan Kneen and John Holden and Lee Cain.

You may have been fortunate enough to have been one of the thousands who surrounded the 4.25-mile    Billown Course - this DVD will revive your lasting memories of an excellent Southern 100 in 2017 and assist with the all too frequent withdrawal symptoms.

If you missed attending - the programme will ignite your enthusiasm to ensure you make every effort to attend the 2018 Southern 100, which incidentally will take place Monday to Thursday 9th - 11th July.

The 2017 DVD 120 minutes long, will also help in whiling away the long winter evenings until the new road racing season fires-up in 2018.

Or you may want to add it to your collection of Southern 100 DVD’s which have been produced annually since 1995 by Greenlight TV and Duke.

The Southern 100 2017 Road Races DVD costs - Duke £16.99 Postage Free, or via the Southern 100     website ( £16.99 - Order today!