Southern 100 Motorcycle Racing

The Friendly Races

Road Racing's Biggest Secret

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The Race Organisers

Dave Ali
Incident Officer

Derek Broadhurst
Buildings & Maintenance Officer

John Byrne
Chief Paddock Controler

Peter Chadwick
Chief Club Marshal

Mike Chapman
Chief Technical Officer

Ruth Costain
Deputy Clerk of the Course

Andy Clark
Deputy Clerk of the Course

Phil Edge
Press Officer

Richard Haddock

David Kelly
Holding Area Controller

Iain Kitching
Social Media

Phil Kneen

Richard McAleer
Paddock Controller

Peter Oates
Clerk of the Course

Rachel Palmer
Assistant Secretary

George Peach
Club & Race Secretary

Phil Taubman MBE
Club Chairman

Alan Reid
Clerk of Works
Finishing Flag Marshal

Mark Reid
Assistant Clerk of Works

Kevin Brookes
Chief Timekeeper

Harvey Garton
Technical Controller

John Ridout
Deputy Chief Technical Officer